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Thread: stuff stolen- keep an eye out please!

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    Angry stuff stolen- keep an eye out please!

    hi bike mojo people!

    on my way through Indiana last week, my truck was broken into and about $15k worth of bike stuff and a laptop computer was stolen. I was on my way to teach a women's mtb clinic in Cincinnati.

    along with tools and such about 30 uniforms were stolen, and 100 prs of defeet socks. (you can see on the web site:

    If you see any of this stuff, please contact me or the Terre Haute police!

    thank you!

    tonya laffey

    Here is an article i have submitted to that details some of the items.

    Hello pinkbikers:

    Unfortunately, today’s submission is a pretty sad one.

    Last Wednesday night, I left for Cincinnati, Ohio to hold a women’s mountain bike clinic. On Thursday night, it was getting too late for me to arrive at my brother’s house, and I was tired from driving, so I stopped in Terre Haute, Indiana.

    In the morning, when I emerged from my happy sleep, I found my Xterra’s rear side window completely busted out, and just about all of the contents of my truck gone. The bikes, which were cabled onto the rear rack, were still there. Many of the items were for our raffle which we sell tickets to raise money for charity- including a Rock Shox Duke and seat post.

    Keep in mind- this is my livelihood! Riding bikes, teaching clinics, raising money for kids charities and working with the kids- this is all I do to make a living! Whoever did this is very bad and although they have caused me some anguish, they cannot stop me from continuing to do the things I was meant to do.

    Here is a partial list of what is missing:

    Apple iBook (white with green- the apple on the top is missing)
    30 sets of jerseys and shorts
    100 pairs of defeet socks
    brand new red Ultimate repair stand
    a 7 year old Cyclops wind trainer, missing the lever with the resistance bar seriously grooved (who would want this item I don’t know, I guess I can finally get a Fluid+!!)
    black Craftsman Rally box with old magura race light and Syncros stickers, filled with tools
    red Craftsman electricians box filled with bike tool s and miscellaneous parts and stuff – pedro’s stickers and all kinds of older bike stickers
    brand new Fox Racing gear bag with wheels, black grey and yellow
    lots of PowerBars and gels
    a box of small parts- from cassettes to cleats
    1 set of brand new Hutchinson Python tubeless and Mosquito tubeless
    Rock Shox Duke U-Turn red (for the clinic raffle)
    Rock Shox seat post 27.2 (also for the raffle)
    and the list goes on and on… (includes a pair of 38.5 Carnac Boreal shoes, an old pair of blue Sidi Dominator 2, yellow and red Bell helmet, tons of arm warmers and leg warmers and on and on…)
    a full list will be posted on the internet once I get the desktop computer here at home set up to edit the web site.

    If any of you see anything on eBay or or riding around… please contact me or the Terre Haute police department. I just want my stuff back, that’s all!


    -ps there are only a handful of ladies who actually legitimately purchased the clothing. If you see anyone riding around in it, please ask them who they are and where they bought it! It may help us find the thief.

    Stay tuned for a happy article about the women’s clinic!
    tonya r laffey, mba

    follow your bliss (joseph campbell)

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    I'm sorry. That really sucks. For what its worth I'll keep an eye out.

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    That really DOES suck. I'm sure you've thought of it but I'd keep an eye out on Ebay for that stuff. Also contact the local bike shops in Terre Haute. In case they come across anyone wearing the mtbchick stuff, they can ask the person where they got it. Since your bikes weren't messed with, that leads me to believe the knucklehead that stole the stuff has very little use for it and will try to dump it for $$$.

    Crooks aren't genius's (sp?).

    Good luck. We'll keep an eye out down here in TX.

    Nice Floaties.

    Man who stand on toilet, high on pot.

    God grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway.

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    I wonder if Ebay or the other online auction houses have a way of tracking this kind of stuff if you put a flag on it....

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