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Thread: CoOkie wants to talk some smack?

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    CoOkie wants to talk some smack?

    Originally posted by Tex Mex Racer
    "The Mothman Chronicles". Now that was a CoOkie of a movie.

    Mothman, CoOkie...... whatcha got?

    I'll smooth you out.

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    Re: CoOkie wants to talk some smack?

    Originally posted by Crunchy

    Mothman, CoOkie...... whatcha got?

    Got no Game.

    Actually he made a comment to me that I should try saying some of things that I have said to him to you (and yes he called you specifically) and see what your response is.

    My reply: There is no one that exhibits the same level of maturity as him that warrants the same comments.
    Snoopy was getting old. Had to put him down.

    Ineptitude: If you can't do something well, learn to enjoy doing it poorly.

    Now, she should be good-looking, but we're willing to trade looks for a certain... morally casual attitude.

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