"No Soup For You!!", the Soup Nazi, (Seinfeld)

If you haven't picked up the latest Dirt Rag Magazine (#97)... do! There is a great article at back of the mag about Schwag, Pro Deals and Bro Deals... for all of you who don't want to pay full price for bike equipment!

Basically, the article says, if you have to ask for a deal, then you shouldn't get a deal. The reason Richard Fries says this is because our industry- the bicycle industry- is struggling in part due to the fact that no one wants to pay full price, even if they do have a job.

Do your part for the bike industry... pay full price for once! You may beinterested to know that many pro racers, while called "pros" do not receive any money from anyone to race. most "pros" pay for all their own racing and some of their gear. maybe 5 or 6 of the top pros receive a salary, and if they do, it is not even close to a living wage. in mountain biking, "pro" simply denotes that you can race at the National and International level.

thanks for listening.

go buy something.