Dear Fellow Cyclists and concerned citizens of Austin,

We the undersigned, are asking your help to save the Lance Armstrong Bikeway from mediocrity at this critical juncture. The Austin City Council will vote soon (January 30, 2003) on the downtown alignment of the Lance Armstrong Bikeway. They must first decide whether it will be mostly on 4th St. or mostly be on 3rd St. Secondly, they must decide if it will be merely striped bike lanes or something recognizable and special - "a signature facility" . These would appear to be minor differences. However, the safety, quality and success of Austin's most high profile bicycle facility is at stake. Please take a moment to look at these questions and decide for yourself.

After we studied the options with an open mind and heard from the City's Engineers, Staff and Consultants, we have unanimously determined that the 4th St. alignment is far superior for safety, functionality, quality and economically for the future cyclist users, downtown businesses, their employees, their customers and tourists visiting Austin.

There is a small but powerful handful of less than 10 property owners and bar operators that threaten to unravel years of efforts by citizens, experts and previous councils to overturn the clear public consensus: The Lance Armstrong Bikeway, a federally funded project, selected by TxDOT above hundreds of projects from across the state, should be a first quality, signature bicycle facility that honors our home town hero and proclaims Austin as a bicycle friendly, accessible, environmentally grounded city, that aims to provide transportation options to its citizens and visitors from around the world. We believe, to accomplish these goals, the Lance Armstrong Bikeway must be located on 4th St. for the downtown section and go beyond painted stripes to honor its namesake.

Please go now to to learn more. Please write the Austin City Council and City Manager today using the sample letter on the website as a guide.

Lance Armstrong Bikeway working group participants