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Thread: Welcome to the ride forum

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    Welcome to the ride forum

    Hey everybody. You have come to the right place if you want to find a ride... the next step is getting on your bike and going to the fountain mall!

    For the sake of organization and sanity, let's post and discuss daily rides under the thread for the week labeled with the correct dates. Title your reply to the thread with the day of the week and its date, so everyone can find it quickly and easily. Ideally we'd have like 200 rides posted for each day, and you'd get to sift through a bunch of options, but...

    First check the weekly schedule- go meet some people!

    Also post if you are LOOKING for a ride on a particular day. Maybe someone who wasn't going to ride before would ride if they knew they'd have people to go with. Be sure to specify whether it's a mountain or road ride.

    The forum is a great way to get in contact with people about riding... with so many members it should be simple to find someone to ride with! Non-members are also welcome to come try out some rides, anytime!

    Keep riding and ride safe... see you out there.
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