so with a new year, new folks, and kids (just a broad term) returning that have forgotten about CP conditions since spring semester, here are some tips i have learned from my years in wacko town.

a good hard soaking rain will take 2.5-3 days to dry out.
a quick shower (depending on how hard the shower is) will take a few hours or a day at most.
all that to say, however, depends on how much sun/warmth the park gets. so add time to the above for cloudy/cool days after a rain.
the rocks will be slick (DGRs = dang green rocks) and there might be a damp spot here and there. also watch out for fallen limbs (that goes for windy days too).

P.S. - there is a thread in the general waco forum that Wumpus tries to post trail conditions on if'n there's rain.