Final email from REI:

Thanks again to everyone for volunteering. We will be working RAIN or SHINE! Below is the directions and general information. Let me know if you have any further questions.


Oct. 30, 2004 9:00am - 2:00pm

Pertinent details: We will work RAIN or SHINE!

What to wear:
* Long pants due to poison ivy and cactus thorns (no poison ivy has been sighted)
* A good pair of hiking or work boots.
* Sturdy pants
* Either short or long sleeve shirt, whichever you prefer.
* A light rain jacket (just in case).

What to bring:
* Snacks. (lunch will be provided afterward)
* Water. One can Never have enough water!! So...Bring Water.
* Work gloves if you have them
* Allergy medicine if you have allergies
* Eye protection (sunglasses)
* Tools: bow saw, pruning saw, loppers, shovels, mattocks (please mark all your tools)

Hazards to be aware of:
* Poison Ivy
* Fire Ants
* Broken glass
* Wildlife
* Cactus Thorns

While we may not encounter any of these things, we are working outdoors in a wooded area where there is the potential of the above hazards. If you have an allergy to any of these please let the people at the registration table know who you are and what you are allergic to.


Note: Look for REI signs to guide you once you turn off I-35

Overlook Park

From I-35: Take I-35 north to exit 261A, Lake G-town / Sun City /Andice / Granger/ 2338 / Williams Dr.
Turn left on Williams Dr over the interstate.

Approx 5 miles west take a Left on Cedar Breaks Road - the intersection has a stop light, an HEB on one corner and a drug store on the other.

Take the first right about a 1/4 mile down. Follow the signs for parking.