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Thread: Cycling and mountain biking tours in Romania

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    Cycling and mountain biking tours in Romania

    Good day!

    I am writing on behalf of Outdoor Guides Romania association, specialized on cycling and mountain-biking tours throughout Romania. We want to encourage people to come and bike in Romania, to find out more about our country and to taste a bit of the life in the Eastern Europe.

    We would like to present you our cycling and mountain biking offer for the summer of 2005 in Romania. For the moment, we have three, very interesting tours:

    1. "11 Passes over 1000 m in the Carpathians" - rated: Challenging,tarmac roads, 15 days
    2. "Romanian Culture and Civilization by Bike" - rated: Medium, tarmac roads, 14 days
    3. "Mountain biking on High Carpathian Trails" - rated: Tough/Etreme,mountain trails and gravel roads, 21 days or 10 days

    For details about our tours, please visit:

    We hope that our offer will appear very interesting to all the bike lovers, and we hope that you will come join us cycling in Romania!

    Our tours are highly personalized and customizable, the customers being free to request changes in the trip itineraries or departure dates, etc.

    For more information about us and our cycling tours, please visit out website:

    We are looking forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards,
    Sabina Alexandriu
    Outdoor Guides Romania - personalized cycling and mountain biking tours in Romania

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    WTF ??
    Ride More Bitch Less.
    It Ain"t Heavy It's My Bicycle

    Excellent.......but i hate tastes like the toe jam from a dead bum filtered through a dirty sock with lysol and then fermented into a wax wad that i'd expect to find packed in the corner of a sewage drain pipe outlet from a an insane asylum........ Carlos

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    Amazing country

    My friends and I we were amazed by the trails in Romania. We had a wonderful 7 days ride with a local travel company Adventure Transylvania

    We had some really challenging downhill trails in Bucegi Mountains and Piatra Craiului. We all had free ride bikes, so there was a very pleasant ride.
    I sure wish I had the light tires since there was no mud or snow, and my heavy tires kept me slower than usually especially on the uphill.
    I really enjoyed the landscape, even thou it was late September we had a clear sky and unbelievable views.
    The itinerary also included two beautiful castles, Bran Castle and Brasov.

    We are looking forward to explore some other mountains in Romania this late summer, and Adventure Transylvania already proposed some new trails for us. Maybe I will post again here when we come back from this new trip.

    Thobias Muller Hamburg

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