We need to put in a reroute or two depending on participation numbers.

Tools: Spade Shovel, Metal Rake (not leaf rake), Long Handle and hand clippers, gloves, sunscreen, Bug Repellant with DEET, hat, and good attitude.

I would recommend bringing camel backs. We will have fluids for you to fill them with but it keeps the hydration handy.

Meet at Nature center just inside the front gate at 8:00AM. We will have to ride or hike in to the work sites. I will plan to have the park's four wheeler to get fluids in if needed.

Work time will not exceed 5 hours.

There is a new parking lot. I suggest using it as the park law enforcement group will write tickets for parking on the grass and the nature center parking should be left open for visitors to that attraction.

The work day on the 2nd will be to finish the reroute started a couple of weeks ago. Fine tuning and getting it open. I have done about five more hours on it and some changes need to happen and then tie it in.

If it is raining on the 2nd, I will likely still work unless it is accompanied with lightening or 40 days/nights type of rain. Call the update line for clarification in the twelve hours before work start time: 281.433.5326