There are a lot of things that happen in the modern digital world and one of them is embroidery digitizing. The job that was done by a sewing machine a decade back is now done by a digital software. It resembles exactly like how you sew in a cloth. Quite interesting isnít it!

Be it a drawing or a picture, graphic or a design, it can be scanned into the digitizing software. This software allows digitizing embroidery and you need to give certain information with respect to your design. It includes the type of stitch like whether it is cross-stitched, straight or zig-zagged, type of thread like nylon, cotton, wool and other necessary parameters. Generally, the software would provide you with various options like features and fonts. One of the most important aspects is the file type.

In digitizing, file format plays a key role. There are different sewing machine types and each contains various file types. Your work can be modified or digitalized only through the format in which it is saved. So while choosing the option in your software and saving the file, make sure you use the exact file type. This is usually found in the user manual in your machine that allows digitizing or check the same on your manufacturerís website. This digitizing embroidery process is applicable only when you use digitizing sewing machines. Some of the machine formats are ART, PES, EXP, PEX, PCS, JEF and each specify the model of the machine. For example, if you are using Janome brand machine, then the file format would be JEF.

When there is a software, there is an upgrade. Your machine brand might have undergone software update and based on the same, format versions will change. There is also an option to change the file format. It is a separate program that has to be installed in your digitizing machine. There are some machines that can accept

Assistance is given by service providers and hence you neednít worry. There are also plenty of help available in the internet through which you can find the exact file format of the machine that you are currently using.