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Thread: Alert! Reimers Master Plan Construction

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    Alert! Reimers Master Plan Construction

    Construction of new infrastructure at Reimers is in full swing. This is all part of the Master Plan approved shortly after the county purchased the park. There are lots of trucks and dozers in various locations and many areas where the MTB trails are obstructed. Mark Henneke has met with park management to assess the situation and is out there today flagging some re-routes for sections of trail so that we can still ride while construction is in progress. Construction is estimated to continue through 2011 and ARR will continue to work with the park to help minimize the impact on the singletrack users....
    So, when you go out there, be patient..... every day could be a new experience.

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    We haven't been out there since this has been posted so are the trails still marked so you don't get lost out there? Does anyone have gps of the trails that wouldn't mind sharing? )

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    I was out there a couple of weeks ago and the only places that seemed to be affected by the construction out there were the very beginning of the trail (very little impact on the trail) and the very end. They have paved the road down to the river and we kind of lost the trail after it ran into the new, paved road. We might have missed out on a mile of the flat, twisty singletrack at the end, but it was hot and we were ready to be done anyway. All in all, the impact on the trails was minimal. If you have ridden out there before you shouldn't have any trouble dealing with it.
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