What: Saturday, September 8
9:00 a.m. Group Ride
Where: Lake George Town Trail
Meet Up Location: Tejas Park

Join us next Saturday at Lake Georgetown for a fun day of riding and socializing. The ladies of Ride Like A Girl will be joining us and we expect a good turn-out. ARR will host a post-ride lunch and everyone is encouraged to bring something to share (fruit, sweets, salads, side dishes, chips and dips, etc.)As always, we will break into group based on skill level and how long on participants want to ride. "No Drop" policy always in effect.

Fun facts:
Meet at Tejas Part at Lake Georgetown at 9:00 am.
Beginner and advanced terrain and rides.
Park inside the gate or just outside on the county road. CARPOOL if you can!
We are serving up fajitas and fixings for lunch about 12:30.

The trail is rocky and changes up quite often, from dirt and rock to rock and rock. There is not a lot of climbing, most of the climbs are short, but there are a few that really might make you wheeze.

The technical level varies from medium to mildly difficult, but there is no reason that a beginner couldn't take on the trails and an expert will never be bored.

How to get there:
Tejas is located on FM 258. Go north on Parmer/Ronald Reagan Blvd to FM 258. Turn right (east) to Tejas.

You do not have to be an ARR member to participate but we'd love to have you sign up!