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Thread: ARR Election - Need Best Trail Stewardship Director, Most Important forAll Mtn Bikers

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    ARR Election - Need Best Trail Stewardship Director, Most Important forAll Mtn Bikers

    The ARR Board of Directors election is now open, with the ballot emailed to members and having to be returned by 12/19.
    The current ARR election ballot only allows 200 words to describe the candidates.
    The Best Trail Stewardship Director Needs to be Elected. That is Most Important for all Mtn Bikers, affecting ALL trails that ARR is involved in, and affecting the future ones.
    Here is more information on Rich Szecsy, also known as Big Pig, who has already worked wonders at Walnut Creek in the past 15-months as its ARR Trail Steward.
    Now imagine what is possible to ALL the trails we ride if he is Director of ALL the Trail Stewards at ARR-maintained trails.

    "My name is Rich Szecsy and I am self-nominating for the ARR Board of Directors. The following is meant to serve as my Letter of Interest:
    I have been serving as the ARR Trail Steward at Walnut Creek since August of 2012. While I have enjoyed serving in that capacity for the last 15 months, I think that there is more that I am capable of offering ARR and its membership.
    Prior to working with ARR, I served as the President for the Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association (DORBA) for three years, 1 year as Vice –President of Trails and Advocacy, and 2 years as the Bicycle Commuting Coordinator. During my 3-yr tenure as President while serving on the DORBA Board, membership was increased from 500 memberships to 1700 membership, and our revenues grew from $40,000 to over $100,000 annually. I was also responsible for generating four different grant applications that were ultimately awarded to DORBA.
    I have over a decade of experience in writing developing and managing MOA’s and MOU’s between trail building and advocacy non-profits and both public and private landowners. I am very familiar with liability insurance requirements, volunteer waivers, and legal issues surrounding the administration and operation of non-profits. I have direct relationships with the executive leadership at IMBA, other trail building advocacy organizations in Texas, and the majority of the off-road cycling promoters in Texas. Professionally, I am a registered civil engineer and work in the political arena at the Capitol running the largest state trade association in the US for cement, concrete, and aggregate. I have direct and personal connections to numerous city, country, and state officials and agencies around central Texas.
    Austin Ridge Riders is a fantastic organization in the heart of the cycling community for the State. It is primed for growth and expansion. I am hopeful that my depth of experience can be useful in assisting ARR as it pursues its Mission in 2014.
    Thanks for your support, and I would appreciate your vote to become a member of the ARR Board of Directors. Rich Szecsy"

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    I concur with Jim's statements above. I've had the privilege of working with and learning from Rich Szecsy over the past couple of years, and I continue to be astounded at his depth and breadth of experience in MTB club mgmt and trail stewardship. His professionalism, drive, passion, and ability to execute are beyond reproach. I know Rich would be able to evolve and grow the trail stewardship program, substantially elevating the professionalism and effectiveness of the program. As a bonus, ARR and the community would benefit from all his years of experience running DORBA and negotiating with land managers all over Texas. A vote for Rich is a vote for progress!

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