Hi ol' friends (for anybody who remembers me) ....

Trying to find a caring home for Kristin's (my Daughter) old race bike - free to the recipient who will promise me that they'll get it fixed up and trail-shape, hopefully for somebody new to the sport who might be financially challenged. Kristin was part of the Austin Cycle360 (long out of business) Jr MTB race team. This was the shop-provided bike, which we eventually bought. It needs some work to be race-worthy again. Here's a list:
- re-cable brakes and shifters
- clean/lube shifters
- new rubber - current still holds air, but the tires/tubes are very old
- rear hub - bearings are in questionable shape ... I don't think it's a matter of adjustment - I think it needs a new rear hub. Can still ride, but the rear hub really needs an overhaul
- general maint ... adjust v-brakes (yep ... not disc, but .. I think the frame and front shock have the mounts for a disc setup)
You can see pics at:
Giant XTC2 - needs a new home and some TLC

I'm a bit out of touch with the MTB scene, but .. I hope that there's somebody out there who can give this bike a second life, even though it's a mere 26'er in today's world of 29'ers ...

- john silvey
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