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Thread: Pace Bend Trail Marks

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    Pace Bend Trail Marks

    I rode pace bend last weekend and had a difficult time following the "designated" loop. I started at the east trailhead (main trailhead) and started the loop clockwise, or attempted to at least. I ended up lost and somehow came out to the north trailhead area. I made my way back towards the east trailhead area, and somehow got myself on the loop with the yellow dots, which is the actual mark that you are supposed to follow. So I guess I feel like the start of the loop from the east trailhead could be marked better.

    The other area that gave me issues was the northwest area through the north area. These areas were not clear to me either.

    In my opinion they could be marked better or more yellow dots are required. It's a great trail and I have a concern that people trying this trail out for the first time could get a bad impression if they are getting lost, which for me ruins the flow and enjoyment of an otherwise great trail.

    Maybe I'm alone on this, but I'm just curious of how the trail is marked, or who takes care of this sort of thing. Hell, I'm willing to help, but as I said above, I really don't know where it's supposed to go in some areas either. Can someone please help me out here, or let me know who I should talk to?

    Thanks, Michael.

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    I had the same problem when I went out last month. Next time I'm going to bring out some colored tape to at least mark the big loop.
    I'm just now getting into MTB so anybody let me know if this is taboo/frowned upon?

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    try downloading MTB Project | Mountain Bike Trail Maps app. It does a great job of real time trail tracking and showing you if you took a wrong turn.

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    Ask around for others to join or keep an eye out on
    Most of us call the "main loop" the "race loop" but when ridden socially we add in some extra super cool shit racers don't like.

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