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Thread: In the news: Spokane rider yells "Hot Pizza" before hitting pedestrian

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    In the news: Spokane rider yells "Hot Pizza" before hitting pedestrian

    On Sept. 22, Pearsall was walking near Trail Milepost 24 at Nettleton Street with her sister when she heard someone behind her yell, “Hot pizza!”

    “I didn’t know what that meant, but I thought it might be a bicyclist,” she said. Her dog, Rags, was on leash just in front of her and her sister was by her side. They were taking up less than half of the paved trail, she said.

    “I was going to step onto the grass to get even farther off the trail when something hit me like a Mack Truck on the back of my leg and slammed me to the ground,” she said.

    The cyclist landed on top of her and then he went into a tirade, she said.

    Pearsall was taken to a hospital emergency room, where she was examined for severe bruising and knee damage and diagnosed with a fractured elbow.

    Cyclist Justin Haller, 44, of Spokane, said he went to an urgent care clinic, where he learned that he broke his nose and re-broke a bone in a hand that was still healing from a glancing collision with a vehicle.

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    In a Facebook post from an urgent care facility, he said, “So first ride without the brace and some pedestrian wouldn’t move!! Centennial trial (sic) is not yours alone pedestrians!!”

    . . .

    “I hate to slow down,” Haller said when asked why he didn’t. “Most of the time people move. These people wouldn’t move,” he added, noting that the moms with strollers were part of the problem, too.

    “It’s a regrettable thing that happened. It didn’t need to happen for a lot of reasons and not just mine. I don’t like the fact that I hit her, but I did.”

    Haller said he calls it a good day when he makes it home without an accident. “I’ve broken 25 bones,” he said. “When I lived in L.A., a doctor asked me if I was a stunt man.”

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    What an idiot. A "stuntman" on a paved trail trying to KoM. What a nerd.

    At a recent ride at Brushy with some people two pavement pounders passed us on our left. Not a big deal until some sweaty slob on an old road bike yelled "COME ON!" as he was passing. No idea why people work so hard to sprint on paved hike'n'bikes. They're the type of mouth breathing try hards that made it a point to finish their tests first in high school. No one cares.

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    What a dumbass. Idiots like that make it harder on the rest of us.
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    But at least he announced himself clearly so they would understand that a bike was trying to pass on their left ... or ... a pizza.

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    Reminds me of some of the assholes I see racing around town lake when its full of pedestrians.
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    If there was an alternate line this chit would not have happened.

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