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Thread: chiropractors?

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    Originally posted by Tex Mex
    I go to a great chiro, which is covered by my insurance.
    Once I crashed in MP and didn't go into the Dr. for about two months. It got worse and worse. Finally I started having pain behind my knee and one of my toes began to go numb. So I went in and my Dr. sent me to Pt. It took about three weeks to clear it up.
    Then once I crashed on a wet wooden bridge. I went in to the Chiro immediately. One trip took care of it.
    I have bone spurs in my neck. I get a real short range of motion after awhile. I go into the Chiro about 2x's amonth and my range of motion is greatly improved.
    I wonder whree all the hype against chiros comes from but they have extensive training and have doctorates in chiropractic medicine. Of course regular doctor put out shit about them because they think they will lose business. I at least get results from my Chiro. What do I get from my MD? Scripts. I wonder why I go at all. Except to get refills.
    TexMex - who is your chiro?
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    I have another one to give my two cents on... I have always been leery of chiro doctors, but have been having some significant back pain since the end of June and the orthopedic guy I went to didn't help at all. So I asked a physician friend for his opinion, and he agreed that they don't really help much in the long run, but for pain relief and helping you recover from an injury, they can really do some good.

    I've been going to Dr. Gary Seghi, office on W. 6th St right downtown. He has been a cyclist (road racer) since the mid-60's and I like his deep foundation in the whole cycling world. I can talk to him about my riding, and what I should and not do, and get honest, realistic answers. Apparently a run-in with a truck one time (he was on his bike) left him without part of a leg, but he can probably still beat everyone on this forum.

    And for what it's worth... he told me the best thing mountain bikers can do to help/prevent injury is stay limber. The looser you are the less you will get hurt (muscularly, don't think this will help trail rash) in those MTB crashes where your body goes three ways and your bike another. He highly advocates yoga classes, or simple regular stretching at home.

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    Originally posted by tyger23
    TexMex - who is your chiro?
    Dr. Paula Batterton. White Oak Blvd, in the Heights, Houston.
    If you want her number let me know.
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