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Thread: WY Ride Report

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    WY Ride Report

    So I rode one of the secret trails off of Teton Pass yesterday. Holy crap. Not only was I still drunk from the night before but Lithium was serious shit. Very steep, big jumps, big drops and did I say steep. I was out of my element for sure. I needed a shorter seatpost and stem and about 3 more inches of travel. I made it out alive but definately walked some stuff. I'm going to build/buy a full on DH bike and give her another go.

    Theres a locals race on this trail on Sunday. $5.00 entry fee winner takes all. I think I'll pass until I get my DH bike.

    I hope you're all doing well. Talk to you later.


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    lucky bastard.....grrrrr
    my helmet rulz, bizniotches!

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    Nice report Sandmom!
    How ya doen up there besides the riding? Any women or men in your life yet bro?
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