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Thread: NBR Beware BidPay/ Western Union!!!

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    Angry NBR Beware BidPay/ Western Union!!!

    Two weeks ago, I won an ebay auction. The seller did not accept PayPal but would accept BidPay.(valid reasons since PayPal charges a pretty good fee to the seller and BidPay charges it to the buyer)

    Anyway, I registered with BidPay/Western Union and they took my card number and said the money order they would send was pending approval, which normally takes place within 24 hours. After 6-7 days I started e-mailing them daily with no response. Their website still says they are waiting approval. After a few more days I started e-mailing them two or three times a day with no response.

    I deleted my credit card, thinking that would cancel the order, but it had no effect. Their instructions say to e-mail them if I want to cancel the order. Naturally I did so, and naturally I got no response. I had the seller e-mail them. He got no response.

    I searched for a phone number but none is listed on their website, so I called information. I got an 800 number for Western Union. I called that and got into an automated response system. After 20 minutes or so of pressing numbers and not finding the help I needed - and never reaching a human, I gave up on that tack. I guess that tomorrow, I need to call my credit card and have them refuse to accept the charge from Western Union.

    Has anyone else ever had such a negative experience dealing with these people? I know I am through with them.

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    I once had a negative experience with them. They charged me their outrageous fees. That's it. Not using them again. Ever.
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    I think they mis-heard and thought you said mr. "z"....and then said..."that asshole! lets fuck him around".

    At least that's what always happens to me.
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    Yep - similar type deal. Bought the money order, status stayed as 'pending approval' for several days. Repeated emails were ignored. MO finally went through, but I'll never use their service again.

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