Yeah, the trails will still be too wet so I am going to do another veggie buffet this Sunday. If anyone wants to join, I will start at Ramsey Park ( at 9AM. At my pace it should take about 5 hours, so we should be back ~2 or 2:30. Route will follow the EB route to Zilker, MoPac frontage, up 360, Courtyard, City Park Road, lap around the outside of City Park, Jester, 360, Spicewood Springs to St. Ed's, Yaupon, Jollyville, Duval, S. Walnut Creek trail, then back down Shoal Creek to the start.

This is not an official ride, just my training ride, but if you want to join, we'll see you there. This means I am not responsible for you, it is self paced and you are just there for the fun. If you fall behind or get lost I won't be responsible. My pace is ~10-11MPH and I will be on a mountain bike, not a road bike.