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Thread: Anybody have a Whyte T-130?

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    Anybody have a Whyte T-130?

    I recently got a Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 (150mm front 140mm rear), but after exchanging it once for frame/welding defects and the new frame having the same problems plus a dent, I'm done with Canyon and looking for something else. The few times I rode the Spectral before noticing the issues I never used all the travel, and it felt a bit heavy, although it did destroy descents. This makes me feel like I should maybe shoot for something with less travel, and that's how I ended up finding the Whyte (130mm front and rear). So, how does it fair for Austin riding?
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    IF you already have it, why don't you tell us?
    Ya'll don't know what it's like
    being male, middle class and white.

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