I was waiting for my GF to walk through the rock garden on the north side of the greenbelt just west of Twin Falls yesterday (Sun 12/22) when I heard someone kick a big rock down from the hill...I thought it was a kid and I was going to lecture them about how they could hurt someone below on the trail when I saw the person who did it was a pretty good size black dude walking down w bad body language and had a homeless and mental issue swagger to him plus he had HUGE hunting knife sheathed in the ready position on his belt and he had a walking stick/club..the red alert went off immediately in my head so I spun my camel back around, took my glove off and put my hand on Mr. Glock then left my bike and backed away towards where Kelly would be walking from..that dude was/is def looking for trouble so I didn't say a word to him as he walked off the other direction from me so we headed across the creek and hit the back trails to get as far away from that dude as possible..yall be careful out there and on the look out for him..it was only the second time I had to have my pistol ready for self defense in the over 25 years down there..the 1st time was for "Wolf" who was probably the last person executed from Austin for capital murder of a young woman on the green belt back in the middle 90s. yall Be Safe!

Btw, it was her 1st BCGB ride! she did well and even bled a little bit..the grnblt has to have it's tribute..