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    Question opinions needed

    It's time to ditch the piece of C#@%P Shimano Acera Derailer that came on my bike ( I can't believe Shimano even puts there name on that thing!) so i'm wondering if there is a real noticeble difference between the Deore XT M750 and M760. I know the price is only arond$20.00 more for the M760, but is that $20.00 better spent elseware? I'm not looking to race, but it would be nice if my bike would STAY in the gear i've selected. Until the G-Boxx frames get affordable i guess i'm stuck with this 90 yr old solution.

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    you don't need a gboxx frame, you just need a rohloff. those are quite affordable.

    or not.

    post this in the voodoo forums for answers that will help you out.

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