i got me a new bike.

Cannondale System 6, full D/A, Ksyrium ESs, carbon SI 2-piece cranks. so hot. want to touch the hiney.

biggest pain in the ass ever. whoever told USE this was a good idea is not a friend of mine.

supporting the local guys.

ok, well it's not really mine. i'm borrowing it from the shop this weekend. i love this bike. went for a 30mi jaunt earlier, and this bike lived up to my expectations. very stiff, very responsive. with completes starting at $2400 (full SRAM Rival...this one was at $4800), this is a killer frame for someone wanting something aggressive. i can't think of 1 thing i would change about the frame. i would, however, swap out the post, and put different pads in (or at least file down that stupid Eagle Klaw, or whatever Kool-Stop calls it).

gonna try and get another ride in tomorrow morning before work.