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Thread: Temporary Trade?

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    Temporary Trade?

    So... I'm wondering if there's anyone here that might be interested in temporarily trading (a week or two) a good roady for my '09 Gary Fisher Cobia 29er? I know it's a weird request, but I figure "what the hey"... never hurts to ask, and I'm in the mood to switch things up. I'm wanting to improve my cardio, practice extended climbs, and just peruse some pavement... an inspiration resulting from my first group road ride, the "Thursday Night Road Ride" (that is, after leg cramping of a level previously unbeknownst to me, nor thought possible, subsided... )

    My baby is extremely well maintained and in perfect working condition. It's an XL 21" frame (I'm 6'2"), and of course I'd only like to trade with someone who's bike is around the same fit. If interested, I will treat your bike well (I won't trash your drivetrain going up hills)... I promise

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    Wish I could oblige you, Chad, but my Giant TCR probably wouldn't work (I'm 5'6").

    Too bad..
    she's light, rigid, accelerates extremely well
    twitchy, unforgiving, uncomfortable
    Perfect for railing curves at the Thursday Night Crits

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    rent one from a bike shop..."test ride"
    "keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up" -Leighton B.
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