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Thread: Pucón, Chile, Chasing Summer down in January

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    Pucón, Chile, Chasing Summer down in January

    That damn volcano. Earth Zit. I climbed up the silly thing the other day and it almost killed me with its stinking, mephitic exhalations. I shall watch it belch from afar.

    Substandard equipment that is perfect. Back to basics. "When I was a child, I spake as a child..."

    Ibises, and Villaricca. It is warm. Home was firmly in the grasp of winter when I left. When was it, a week or two ago?

    I do believe it is following me....

    Just what the Dr. ordered. Cool blue reason. I AM a child again. If Van Morrison sang in spanish... "I looked at the swim and I jumped right in."

    Oh the water.

    Fear knocked on the door, Faith answered, No one was there.

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    Awesome, thanks for sharing! I haven't been to Chile in years... Never even tried to bike up the volcano... driving up in a little VW Gol was crazy enough!
    And that bike isn't to bad... it's got a squishy fork and disc brakes...the luxury!

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    you are one lucky son of a...
    Making me very very jealous right now singlespeed
    I really need to find a way to travel some more
    "The dude abides"

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    As ever, thanks for sharing your travels. I'm ready to dive right into the pool of turquoise water, but don't feel quite the same way about snorting volcano belches.
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