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Thread: NBR but important news for your health

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    NBR but important news for your health

    heres the link:

    here's the article:
    FDA Admits Drug in Tylenol and Excedrin is Main Cause of Liver Failure in U.S.
    Tuesday, July 07, 2009 by: Jane Jones, citizen journalist

    (NaturalNews) The drug in question is acetaminophen. It`s in prescription and all too popular over-the-counter drugs including Tylenol and Excedrin. According to the FDA, taking too much will kill you and the government agency also admits this chemical is the leading cause of liver failure in the U.S. Acetaminophen is responsible for 56,000 emergency room visits and 456 deaths annually, according to studies done between 1990 and 1998. In spite of this, billions of doses are sold each year.

    The FDA rarely admits the damage the drugs they`ve approved do. In fact, in recent years, the drug approval agency has been in the spotlight for doing precisely the opposite; they`ve been caught hiding this information from public view.

    The harmfulness of the substance is highlighted by the fact that people are dropping dead from inadvertently consuming "too much" and that begs some pretty serious questions.

    Questions like - "If taking too much accidentally has a decent chance of killing me, isn`t it likely that taking even the recommended amount is doing some damage?" And, "If it`s doing damage, how am I to know what damage it`s actually doing?" And even, "Why are doctors prescribing drugs that are known to be harmful to me?"

    The last question might be the most important one because in allopathic, drug-centered medicine prescribing harmful chemicals in the name of "health" and of a "cure" is done all too often. Then, the consequences of those chemicals are often blamed on the disease, or are seen as another problem that appears down the road. According to your medical provider the harmful chemicals you`ve been consuming and your health problems are completely unrelated. Besides, they will say, you "need" the drugs.

    In any case, liver failure isn`t a problem to be taken lightly; it`s often synonymous with death.

    Your liver is such an important organ that according to the American Liver Foundation, "Anything that keeps your liver from doing its job - or from growing back after injury - may put your life in danger."

    Using a substance that impairs your liver is all the more tragic when it`s combined with other chemicals, which is often the case with drugs. This is because your liver is the organ that breaks down those substances. If your liver is slowed from doing that job by the acetaminophen, it means the other chemicals will remain in your body longer, and they too, are often toxic.

    In a small step in the right direction, FDA panelists voted to eliminate acetaminophen from prescription drugs that also include other medications and to lower the recommended dosage amounts. The FDA, however, is not required to follow the advice of the panel and what they will actually do remains to be seen.

    In the nineteen years since data collection began on the harmfulness of acetaminophen, it can be extrapolated that over a million emergency room visits and 8,000 deaths have stemmed directly from the use of this drug. For those who are keeping track, over two and a half times as many people were killed from this drug as were killed on that fateful day in September, 2001. And unfortunately, acetaminophen is but one drug, of many drugs, that cause significant harm to the population - all with the stamp of the FDA.

    In light of the facts, it`s about time a serious conversation took place to stem the use of this drug, although eliminating its use entirely makes a lot more sense. Hopefully, more conversations about other harmful drugs will follow and ideally, with a lot less pain and tragedy in the meantime - and a much faster reaction time by those who are supposed to be protecting our health.

    FDA panel: Eliminate Vicodin, Similar drugs

    FDA May Restrict Acetaminophen

    FDA Scientist Warned About Vioxx in August

    The Progression of Liver Disease
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    Thanks Kat! What a great article. Another reason natural cures & things created by the Good Lord are the way to go!

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