Let them know you want single track.

Back story on why I'd like to get a foot in the door with City of G-town. They were given a 525 acre river location with nice terrain, rolling hills, bluffs, river access and they plan to specifically EXCLUDE mountain bikes. Garey Park is very close to Ronald Reagan on 2243, so it's closer and easier for most to get to than LGT.

I have spoken with them about this and based on their limited and outdate survery they said equestrian use was chosen over MTB. I think the grant of the land (and $5M) by the Garey's (a horse rancher) is the big factor as well. Regardless, it's the cities property now and they should do what the citizen want.

So, let's get our foot in the door and get some single track started on the new 90 acre park in NW G-town. This 90 acre park will be in the area of Shell Rd and 195, so possibly not a lot of terrain features, except Berry Creek (but I don't know the exact location). However, I think it would be a good opportunity for the City of Georgetown and the mountain biking community to partner up and create some nice trails. Perhaps City of Georgetown will reconsider their plan to exclude mountain bikers from the 525 acre future Garey Park that has incredible terrain!

Ask for singletrack on the FB page and show up on Mar 31

FYI: Garey Park https://parks.georgetown.org/garey-park/

It's hard to tell from Google what the terrain is like, but if you know me...I've done some on site scouting.