What is better 1 speed or 27 speeds? I decided to put it to the test. I timed myself on "A" loop on each bike. The one speed: 1 hr. 27: 1 hr. The only noticable difference on time was the time on the road from my apt on Missouri st. to "A" mountian. On the S.S. it usually takes 15 min when on the geared it took 10. Both bikes are Specialized. The S.S has a rigid fork and the geared is suspention. SS 25 LBs, geared 24LBs.
1 Speed
Steep & rocky: Have to get off alot
Technical: tire will spin on tall smooth rocks
Flat & smooth: Spin out at under 20 mph
Downhill: more durable
Sand: spin out
Uphill: legs start to cramp
Time: 1 hr
Road time: 15min

Vs. 27

Steep & rocky: granny gear can climb
Technical : Big ring gets beat up
Flat & smooth: fast as you can crank
Downhill: too many parts to break
Sand: not a problem
Uphill: not a problem
Time: 1hr
Road time: 10 min

After riding on the geared I was not nearly as tired and legs werent tight like they always are on the S.S. I think that the S.S. is a better workout for sure.