XTR v-brakes with noodles and mounting hardware. Koolstop green pads for ceramic rims and pad carriers (not in photo, but will be included). $100 for the whole set.

for an extra $20, I will throw in some Problems Solvers Travel Agents, which can be used as a smooth alternative to noodles or can be used to increase cable pull so you can use these brakes on a bike with drop bars or with cantilever brake levers. cyclocross!

Attachment 8710

modified inline adjuster so you can put a barrel adjuster on one of the Agents
Attachment 8711

Green Kool Stop pads need a little cleaning up- best used on ceramic coated rims, or get some different inserts for other rims. I suggest regular old black pads or salmon ones for extra sticky goodness.
Attachment 8712