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Thread: Sell me your 29er Tires (ATX)

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    Sell me your 29er Tires (ATX)

    Recently made the moved up to 29er, not happy with my new bike's front tire, came here to see what people recommend and with a few searches quickly realized that tire preference is a very personal thing.

    I'm on a tight budget and new-ish to MTB so I'd rather not spend big bucks on a tire until I figure out what I like / don't like.

    Maybe you've got a tire you tried, quickly realized you didn't like, and it's been collecting dust since that I might like.

    I'm looking for a tire that (1) has decent volume 2.2+ (2) is reasonably nobby/grippy, and (3) is tubeless design that plays well with Stan's.

    Open to other models but would be especially interested in trying: Nevegal SCT, Mountain King, Nobby Nic, Rampage, Ground Control.

    Let me know if you've got something I might be interested in adn what you're asking. Thanks in advance!

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    I have a Maxxis DHF EXO TR

    Maxxis Minion DHF Exo 29" Tire > Components > Tires and Tubes > Tires | Jenson USA

    I ran it as rear tire for 4 rides but swapped it for a DHR..It rocks on the front. I have another on the front of my bike now.


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    On-One Chunky Monkey Tires - 29 x 2.4"

    Get one of those. Heavy but cheap. Made just like an Ardent but at half the price.
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    Have a never used specialized purgatory grid 2.3

    Also have one, maybe 2 2.2 nobby NICs that came stock on my genius a while back. They are non snakeskin plain Jane versions but fine for a front tire. I'll sort through some others and see if there is anything else you'd be interested in.
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