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by the way, send me some directions.
Here’s what you do, Matt. Drive north till you get to Oklahoma and take a left .

All other’s, follow the directions at Texas Cyclone race flyer:


To their directions, I’ll add that the north I-35 exit is Exit 247.

Do as they say and go northeast on 1825 for 6.5 miles.

As you’re driving northeast on 1825, the street signs in Pflugerville and east of Pflugerville will read Pecan Street. After that, they’ll read Pflugerville East Rd.

Warning: Pflugerville East Rd makes a hard right turn and we have to make an immediate left onto Cameron Rd going east (see map below). This will be a rather narrow road and I didn’t see a street sign at this intersection. I think this is where everyone got lost.

Last week, there was a sign at Fuchs Grove Rd ( ) and Cameron Rd that read “Bike Race” with an arrow.

The Richland Community Center will be to the left. Look for bike bums milling around in the parking lot. If you hit the T-intersection at Cele Rd, turn around and come back – you went too far.

The roads will be lousy with bikes so slow down.