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Thread: Toll 45 : Road Biking

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    Toll 45 : Road Biking

    What has anyone heard or think about riding on Toll 45. Would be nice to use it. Looks like it has wide shoulders.

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    I've been wanting to ride it, but never think about it when I'm on my bike.

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    I used to know a guy who commuted to work on the toll road. He said he looked into it and found out it was legal, even going as far as printing out an email from some toll road big-wig to prove that he had been given the a-ok to ride there. I think he quit after a while because it was such a pain. IIRC, the way the law is written, the toll booth operators can't charge someone on a bicycle. But that didn't prevent him from getting stopped multiple times by the highway patrol and having them tell him he couldn't ride there. I'm not sure how it all turned out, but it actually made the local papers a few years ago when the toll roads were still pretty new.
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    Not sure about 45 But...

    My neighbor rides 130 north from Pecan St (Pville) to I35 and back with her group. Keeps a copy of a email from the toll authority stating its OK just in case they get stopped.

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    Somebody was out there today on a roadbike.
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    I ride 45 from AW Grimes in Round Rock to Pecan Park on the Cedar Park end as my commute to class at ACC Cypress.
    Sometimes I get on/off at the ramp between Lake Creek and Parmer in order to say good morning/afternoon and smile/wave at the toll booth attendants who return the gesture.
    I have been pulled over twice by Williamson County Sheriff deputies.
    While it is legal to ride the shoulder of the toll road on bike (lights required after dark), it is unorthodox, and they ask us to please not do it.
    Motorists honk all the time or call and report that there is some crazy guy riding a bicycle on the side of the road, so they have to be dispatched as a public outcry concern.
    Although the safety record is clean for pedestrians and cyclists, if you do get hit by the 70 MPH traffic, no helmet will help you much.
    That said, I would rather avoid an accident than live through one.
    I tell you that either shoulder is more safe than most anywhere else in Austin, with great visibility, minimal debris, plenty of space, and smooth pavement.
    When there is a clear break to cross to the inside shoulder, I get over so that I do not have to deal with cars getting on and off (Greenlawn, I-35, La Fronterra, Mopac, McNeil, 620, 734).
    In addition, fewer cars use the left lane than the right, it is even wider, there are less sewer drains, and pickup trucks might offer to pick you up from that side.

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    Today I was pulled over on Toll-45 for the second time now by the Round Rock PD.
    The officer sent me a nice note with what he found out about it.
    I will simply cite the relevant statutes.
    In short, except for Interstate Highways, if there is not a No Bicycles sign, you can ride on the shoulder (at your own risk).

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