Ok, I'm thinking more than one day ahead of time and planning on doing the Sprinkle Sprint ACA ride Sunday at 9. A group I ride with frequently, also known as TTTTR aka "the bagel ride" will also be doing this ride as their Sunday ride. Its a good group to ride with. No one gets dropped (as long as you can ride 18-20 in a pack not really that hard.) If the weather's good we'll have probably 20-25 in our pack. Pace will be moderate, 18-20 with occasional sprints for City Limit signs or just for the hell of it.

The route is one of my favorite ACA rides, too. The start is only about 5 miles from my house so I ride to the start. The roads are lightly traveled and in good shape. If you'd like to ride to the start with me from my house in the Braker, Lamar area, PM me and I'll give you directions. I'll leave the house at 8:30 or you can just look me up at the start. I'll probably be the only one in the UYS team kit and for sure will be the only one on a blue/white GT (at least I haven't ever seen another one yet. ) Here are a couple of postings about the ride. The first, a post from the Violet Crown list serve:

TTTTR Bill Reams
Feb 27, 2003 18:15 PST
This weeks rides:

Saturday, two choices...
1) Fixed gear from Einstein's Bagels, Braker & 183, 8:30 roll out. Due to
time constraints, I'll be fixed up.
2) ACA ride in Liberty Hill at 9:00.

Sunday, ACA ride, 9:00, Wall Street start. Polytudinously geared machines.

And the ACA ride listing:


March 2 Sprinkle Sprint 9:00 am
Meet in the parking lot at the NE corner of Wall St and Cross Park Dr in NE Austin. Take Cameron Rd north off Hwy 183, and turn right on Cross Park Dr. The first left is Wall St. The 25- and 50-mile routes cover rolling farmland. These rides leave from very close in and put you and your bike in rural countryside before you know it.(Rick 423-3562)