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Thread: stage race question

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    Question stage race question

    On the weekend of a stage race, is it possible to race only one of the days? And if so, do you still have to pay the entire stage race fee or is there a lesser amount to enter only one of the stages?

    I would like to do the Fayetteville road race on Saturday morning but will be flying out of town on Saturday night. The fee for the whole thing is $45 and there is no way I am paying that much for one race.

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    Stage races are an "all or nothing affair."
    You can't do what you are proposing, and you also can't do later stages if you didn't finish prior stages.

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    I did exactly what you are proposing to do last year at Fayettville. I raced on Saturday for the experience (I was a virgin roadie) and had family commitments on Sunday. I had to pay full price but it was worth the price for the experience and the look I got from the woman registering me when I told her I was not attached and I ride for The Petting Zoo.
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