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    Question Bike to Work

    Hey guys I've been trolling here since I moved to Austin last year. I've been contemplating riding my bike to work. I need to travel from Northeast Austin to Northwest Austin right by the 360 bridge. I normally drive 290 to 2222 all the way to 360. It changes names along the way, none the less there aren't a lot of bikes on this road and it's a little narrow and crowded for my taste. Any suggestions?

    Also, google maps says it will take 1:45:00 to get to work by bike for a 16 mile trip. Does that seem accurate? If I do a bike bus combo it shaves 45 mins off that time. An hour is only double my commute time so I'm ok with that. Is 16 too far for daily riding, and if so would it be alright for MWF? Any comments are appreciated.

    Edit: One last thing I have a work laptop to take on my commute. Obviously my bag isn't water proof. I've got some army water proof bags I can use, but it's not ideal. Any tips here?
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    Google city of Austin bike route map. Lots of marked Routes to get you around somewhat safely.

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    I haven't commuted in austin but have in the country. My ride was a little over 18 miles. Based on your route only you can decide if it's too far. I guess it all depends on how dedicated you are.
    Outer space is just 62 miles away.

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    Get a good commuter bag...then there is no excuse not to ride to work. I bought an Evoc ('s a little pricey but worth every penny, especially for all the times that I wouldn't have ridden because it was a little wet out there. But most important, and I'm really serious here...get a good tail light...not those cheap pieces of ****...I'm talking the tail lights that are seen from one mile back. The good ones cost over $200, but, if you get hit (and survive if you're lucky), your medical costs will be well over $200 even if you have a kick ass medical plan. I like mine a lot (400R RED Taillight - seat post, seat stay, chain stay or rack mount ? DiNotte Lighting USA Online Store), and the small/slim 2-cell battery lasts 2/4/8 hours (solid light...flashing is longer) depending on the brightness you use (100/200/400 lumens).

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    Hi, thanks for the links.

    I'm thinking about the alternative, keeping the bike personal, but claiming 20p per mile. I've got a local gig.. so only 60p to get to clients.. but all counts..!

    How many years can I keep claiming these 60p for ? is it the 2 year rule? I just moved 100 miles to be so close to client, does that mean the clock is reset, and I can claim 60p for 2years?

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