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Thread: New to cycling and have a few questions...

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    New to cycling and have a few questions...

    Hi everyone! I have some questions that may seem dumb but I'm a newbie and despite reading everything I can get my hands on, still have some unanswered questions.

    First off, I don't know how to gauge my progress. I began two months ago when I bought a road bike. In that time I've gone from sedentary to 20 miles a day 5-6 days a week. Is that decent progress? I read about some of you guys riding much more than that a day and it's intimidating. I hope to do a century...eventually. How long did it take to get from point A to point 100? I know it will vary for everyone; I'm just looking for a ballpark number really. Just want to know if I'm on some track, any track.

    I'm interested in joining charity rides around central Texas and have no clue what to expect. When you cycle, say, a 45 mile ride is it continuous riding or do you have stop offs along the way?

    What does 'no drop' mean?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    For 2 months in, I'd say you're doing great! Just go a little farther each time and before you know it you'll be doing 40 milers on a regular basis.

    The big rides usually have some rest stops to take a break at if you want to. It's optional.

    "No drop" means that you will not get left behind.
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    Google some how to train for a century guides. Bicycling mag has had several versions of a basic peak and valley method of varying distance to build and recover.

    Here's the latest version that's more time vs miles oriented.

    You see a ton of running apps that do couch potato to 10k using the same method.

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    How do you feel during your 20 mile ride?
    Winded? High heartrate? Legs screaming?
    How do you feel the days following your rides?

    I gauge my ability based on what my body tells me.
    If I'm not dying during my ride and I am not totally sore the 3 days following, I know I can either:
    A) Ride harder
    B) Ride longer
    C) A mix of both

    Get on, there is an Austin Cycling group who puts on beginner and intermediate rides every week.

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    Download and use Strava, benchmark yourself and progress.

    Gradually increase miles and or try riding faster for those shorter distances when strapped for time. Set out on some long rides on the weekends, possibly with groups if you need. There are plenty of rides that originate and are on the websites of places like mellow Johnnies. A good way to get your first long weekend ride in is to map a route to ride TOO south walnut creek trail. Ride the full length of the trail down and back and then ride home. I use this trail to get in a quick hard hit session on my MTB and am able to average 16-17 the whole way on knobbies for 20-30 miles. Its about 4 miles for me to get to the trail, so I take the safest "bike lane" roads possible.

    Where do you live in town?

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