The following "event" is not endorsed by, supported by, or suggested by the Austin Ridge Rider Mountain Bike Club, it's officers and/or board members, their families or heirs....or anyone else for that fact.

WARNING, Parental Advisory, Public Safety Issues etc...etc...etc...
If any of the following offend you, you may not enjoy this ride and therefore may not want to go.......
Helmetless riders, bikes with no lights (bike lights are frowned upon as this is a "MoonLight CruZe...users may be heckled, especially those with really bright lights {disclaimer---red-blinky lights are OK}), NeKKid people, semi-NeKKid people, SeXXX (never seen it on the cruze, but wanted to include it) , drugz, alcohol, tobacco use, hooping and hollering, possible traffic law infractions (pleaze try to obey the lawz).

What it is not.....It is NOT a Critical Mass ride.

What it is.......It is totally Austin (CruZer) tradition. Oldschool meets newschool meets Roadies, Mtb.'s, CruZers/BMX, Mustangs, clothing optional folks, in-line-skaters meet roller-skaters meets anyone that likes to have fun on wheelz!!!! Really what Freeriding is all about!

It's Austin's 19th Annual MoonLight CruZe!!!!!

Here's da Skinny.......

When....Saturday/Sunday September 21/22, 2002 at 2:00 A.M. (yes that's right...some people call it Saturday night [21st], but technically it's still Sunday morning) People start showing up around midnight.

Where (and where to)......Start at Pfluger Bridge (you know...the Hike and Bike bridge of the river) the cruze goes left on Riverside, left on 1st Street, then left on West 6th/Pecan and out Lake Austin Blvd and take a right turn onto Exposition . From Exposition take a right on 35th Street and on to Randall's at 35th & Shoal Creek Blvd. Stop to take a break (if you want to) at Randalls. Bring $$$ or change. They have water, gatorade and coke machines outside. From Randall's, go up Shoal Creek Blvd. all the way to Foster (that's one block south of West Anderson Ln) and take a left. Foster goes toward MOPAC then turns into Great Northern (the road with Austin's widest bike lane). Go down Great Northern until you have to turn left, that's White Rock. Take White Rock, crossing back over Shoal Creek Blvd. to Koenig Ln. Cross Koenig Ln. and stop at the HEB for a break and regroup with your budz and budettes. {NOTE} if you don't want to go all the way to Foster.....As you're going up Shoal Creek Blvd. you will cross Koenig and a little after that you will see a 4-way stop sign. That's White Rock. Hang a right on White Rock and go hang at the HEB, or catch up with everyone else. {end of NOTE} From HEB, go south on Burnet Rd. all the way to 45th Street. Turn left on 45th Street and go to Guadalupe. Turn right on Guadalupe. Ride down Guadalupe (insert subliminal message here---Stokes Parking Garage @ 12th & Guadalupe) until you get to West 1st Street (Cesar Chavez) and turn left then turn right on South 1st Street, then right on Riverside Dr. and ride back to the bridge.

Get CruZen!!!!!