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    I've never raced before and don't really follow racing much. So i'm wondering, what's it take to start racing. I have a 20" bike that's kinda sorta heavy (made for street mainly). No pegs. Axles might be short enough. I can wear pants and long-sleeve shirt. Don't have a face mask.

    Do lots of newbie 20-somethings show up at races or tracks? The main thing i'd like is to tidy up my jumping and cornering and build the sprint strength. All things i can do if I ride a BMX track consistently I assume. Do they let you show up and just ride and not race?

    I plan on dusting off the 20-inch when fall/winter rolls around. Mainly just street riding, but racing/trail riding is definitely something I would like to try.

    Tanks for any info.

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    I took the kid to Capitol BMX and did most of the riding. I did it on my I-drive. It does not matter what you bring. Helmet,long sleeves,pants, and you are ready. Check the Capitol city BMX site for practice/race times. Very cheap to race/practice.

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