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Thread: Best Brand?

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    Best Brand?

    What are some of the better BMX companies/models? Does DK make good bikes?
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    <B>dk</B> makes OK bikes. imo, they're comparible to <B>hoffman</B>, <B>gt/dyno</B>, <B>schwinn</B> and some of the other larger brands. a couple of other large companies that are good about bmx are <B>s&m</B> and <B>standard bykes</B>. the later two don't really make lower-end models and i think sell frames only (although many places can build a bike up for you). then there are a ton of smaller companies that make good stuff: <B>terrible one</B>, <B>volume</B>, <B>fbm</B>, <B>kink</B>, <B>fit</B>, <B>we the people</B> to name a few. with all the companies out there, you're bound to find something that'll work for you.

    * most of the above companies specialize in dirt/street bikes.

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