The three pack got a facelift recently. It's good and also bad. The 1st and 3rd lips are higher and more consistent. The middle one is still too round. Overall, the jump-ability for intermediate jumpers is improved. I have fun on them.

However, whoever performed the work took the lazy route and made the gaps deeper on 1 and 3. While we can all agree that this practice discourages novices and groms from rolling thru the humps that we like to be lips... it makes the jumps dangerous for beginning flyers and is likely to lead to a see-saw battle of jump changers.

My advice: build your own jumps (new ones, or resurrect an old line that no one rides and make 'em your way. Changing jumps you didn't build - especially in a way that makes them less friendly to the majority of people who ride there is just plain bad karma.