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Thread: Popular BMX style courses

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    Popular BMX style courses

    700 acres
    there are two areas in 700 that are popular amongst the 20 inch and 24 inch crowd. The chili bowl on the south side of Southeast Military dr. And the little woops on the North Side at the end of E. Palfrey Dr. where it meets corfu St. near Valley Vista Dr. among the BMX enthusiasts that post here have any of you written these areas and how would you write them. Also perhaps providing a list of other popular areas within Bexar and surrounding counties giving your personal opinion, rating of each might be very interesting.

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    are you looking for dirt-specific riding spots? there are about 9,000 amazing concrete ditches and wall rides in the area that we "street" bmx riders frequent.

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    more spots for BMX/DJ

    Thanks, Gary, for reminding me about the chili bowl at "that place" that used to be so fun to ride.

    The linear creek project paved path appears to have missed the better parts of the jumps at Old Prue Rd, on the beaten path north from OP. The whoops about 1/2 way to Prue are still there, too. It seems no one is maintaining these.

    Other well-known places include 2 spots at McAllister: one now being called the "carpet jumps" by some (otherwise called the old gap jump or big table, among other names) in the creek bottoms and the DJs/bmx jumps on the flats north of the middle set of soccer fields.

    More secret areas exist, as well, of course. But, I'll only share those with people I've met...mostly 'cause they're not mine. A PM to me would be the start, if somebody is interested.
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