Hi everybody!!!

I am new to this forum, but not to bicycles!

I have a great idea for a video that I would love to post on youtube but I need AT LEAST ten riders!!! (IN THE SAN ANTONIO AREA)

I think this video will have the potential to go BIG but like I said, I really need at least ten riders who are good freestyle/BMX riders.

I recently started getting serious about making youtube videos so if ya'll have the riding skills I'm glad to say I have the videography and editing skills to make a great video!!!

This video that I would like to make, it would be the first of its kind I'd like to create (sports/action video) so PLEASE respond if you'd like to come out in the video!!!

I can't pay you guys, I but I can promise you a great video!!!!!

Here is a link to my youtube channel:


Ideally I would like to shoot this video in one day, preferably on a nice and sunny day. I don't mind a cold and sunny day either! :P

PLEASE PLEASE respond if you are sincerely interested!!!

This could also be a chance to meet other great riders in the SA area!!!