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Thread: two problems?

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    two problems?

    1st my headset keeps coming lose. it seems to be getting worse. first it was once a week now i must check it during a long ride.
    2nd i have the i-drive system and it is making a tick sound. i can tell if it is the system or the bottem bracket. maybe just need to lube?

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    i know that your headset is threadless.

    try this......

    1. do not loosen the stem pinch bolts.

    2. loosen and remove the top cap bolt along with the head set top cap.

    3. see how much space there is from the end of the steerer to the top of the stem (photo).

    if it's less then 4mm then you'll need to purchase a 1 1/8th" threadless headset spacer that's at least 5 mm deep.

    this should be the fix.

    also....there is a break in period where the headset will periodically come loose.

    and finally.....make sure the steerer tube isn't pulling through the crown. you can check that from the underside of the crown. make a mark with a marker and if it comes loose again....take it to a shop.

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    bad headset

    It is also possible that you just have a cheap headset. If you have the money Kris King is the way to go, if not maybe your LBS can suggest a good replacement.
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