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Thread: Scored a used XTR rear d from Sun 'n Ski

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    Scored a used XTR rear d from Sun 'n Ski

    Shout out to Frank at SnS. Thanks! Only shop in town open after 6:30 on Sat night... Frank dug out a "gently used" XTR rear d that someone removed from a new bike purchased there. Frank said it was ridden maybe twice - and the rear d shows almost no wear. Great price, especially for an LBS - way less than a new one from anybody' site or eBay.

    By the way, the other guy also removed a slick looking Truvative Hussefelt crank set. My guess is that it all came off a Kona. I can maybe see going with RaceFace cranks instead (personally I'd have stayed with the Hussefelt since I'm cheap) but what would you want instead of an XTR rear d? Maybe a GripShift junkie??
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    cheaper AND XTR? can't beat that.

    there are several companies that make really nice rear der.s that are shimano compatible. sram, white industries, paul components, action tech (if they are still around),......

    most of them worked really well but parts are hard to get since all but SRAM are really small companies.

    they all work just as well, assuming all parts are set up correctly and there are no brand or drivetrain incompatability issues.

    i guess if you reaelly hate Shimano you might want something different. but they make good stuff so it's hard to argue with that. of course it's pretty much Shimano or SRAM so the choices aren't that many.

    personally, Shimano is the only company to have work on making a Rapid Rise rear der. and that works great for Grip Shift. roll forward to go slower and back to go faster. this really doesn't make a bit of difference once you get used to Grip Shift though.

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