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Thread: Rear derailler

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    Rear derailler

    Help Carlos!

    alright, got a new XTR der. New XT 9-spd cassette and new chain on a bike and it still shifts poorly.

    The range is adjusted properly. I can adjust the cable tension so it shifts smoothly on the high end (i.e. goes from 9 to 7 as previously described by you. but then it wont shift smoothly on the low end (drops only to 2nd when it should go to third. If I let out cable tension to get it to shift properly at the low end, I screw myself at the high end, and vice versa. What else can I try and what else might be wrong


    PS I would bring it over but it is not my bike, it is a bike in Austin.

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    man! i missed this one. did you get it straightened out?

    sorry about that.

    sounds like a problem with the cables, how old are they? also, check the limit screws and see that the top pulley (guide pulley) lines up directly under the largest cog and that the same upper pulley lines up, just a hair, oustide the smallest. make this adjustment without having the cable attachted to the rear der. also, check the final loop of housing to the rear der. sounds like it's a bit short.

    again, sorry for the WAY late reply.

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