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Thread: mystery ticking noise on road wheel solved

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    Lightbulb mystery ticking noise on road wheel solved

    While out doing the Toutant-Bauregard Thursday evening ride, I had this ticking noise upon each revolution from my rear wheel. It had us all stumped. It didn't matter if I was pedaling or not, there was nothing stuck in the tire, the spokes seemed OK, it went away if I spun the wheel while not sitting on the bike meaning it only occurred when I was sitting on it. Big John (Sleeper) was there and thought it might be a spoke. That answer made the most sense, but they seemed OK.

    Here's a clue: just before the ride I had discovered I had a flat on that wheel, and put in a new tube made by Vittoria I had never used before that has a slick stem with no threads for a nut. I have high-profile Rolf Vector Comp rims.

    I took the bike to Bike Heaven the next day. James rode it around the parking lot and couldn't find anything wrong, but did hear the noise. He said, all I hear is this - pointing to the stem. I tapped on it, and discovered it makes a ticking noise if moved a mm either way when contacting the rim.

    Mystery solved. To silence the noise, you can put one wrap of electric tape around the base of the stem before putting it in.
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    So in other words.

    If you wrap it before you put it in, no problems down the road. Got it.


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    good one daveK.

    i know a few mechanics who went nuts trying to figure that one out.

    for mountain i try to stick the the threaded valves for that reason.

    i guess it happens on raod bikes too.

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