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Thread: Race Prepping a bike

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    Race Prepping a bike

    This is for my road bike. I'll begin the meat of my road campaign this year, starting next month in Coldspring. I want to get my bike ready, and here are some of the things I want to cover, as well as been recommended:

    1. Wheels-make sure they're true and centered
    2. hubs-make sure they're adjusted properly
    3. tires-check for cuts & rips
    4. tube-change to latex or light butyl
    5. BB-remove it, clean it, grease the threads, torque down to spec
    6. chain- clean it and lube
    7. brakes- check toe in and condition of pads
    8. Check over all bolts to make sure they're tightened down.
    9. Drive train-clean it
    10. FD & RD/Cables-clean them, lube them, and adjust them.

    Did I miss anything? Also, I'm probably going to take it to the shop, so should I request this stuff or would it be included in a "tune-up"?
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    that's a good list. here are a few others.

    check the rims at the eyelets to make sure there aren't tiny cracks where a spoke might be pulling through.

    make sure the bar tape is in good conditions.

    replace cables and housing if it's older than a year.

    check that when you grab the cassette (while mounted on the hub, that there is no play in the freehub body.

    check the headset and make sure it adjusted and greased.

    bar end plugs. got some?

    stem bolts.

    brake bolts....all of them.

    water bottle cage bolts.

    crank bolts and BB. check of torque and don't use grease ont he BB threads...use Ti Prep.

    chainring bolts.

    bent or chipped off teeth on the rings.

    check the bolts than hold together the rear derailleur pulleys.

    inspect your frame for cracks.

    make sure your shocks are tuned. hehehehe

    i think this all should be in cluded in tune ups....then again, depends on the shop.

    but hell, i'd print it out and take them a list.

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