Guys I want to clean up the wiring on my 2018 Townie. It is already factory drilled for internal wiring, but I can't fit the main BBSHD harness inside there. I haven't measured yet but I would have to drill two holes approximately 3/8". One near the bottom of the front tube and one near the top. The debate seems to rage on both sides. Some say it is crazy and others say go for it they have done it with no issue.

Has anyone here seen or heard of a frame actually failing in a similar situation? It seems every time anyone wants to modify anything on a bike, people are there to say it will be a catastrophic failure (my LBS told me my bbshd could/would destroy the Townie frame).

I don't want to die, or even get hurt, but if these are unwarranted fears then I DO want internal bbshd wiring .