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Thread: where do i stick it?

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    where do i stick it?

    would kinda like to make a handy list of what to use where.

    for me:

    - anti-seize: crank bolts, Thomson stem bolts, pedals
    - cheap waterproof grease: bb cups, headset bolt, brake lever bolts, threaded part of QR skewer, seatpost, ISIS spindle
    - Phil's grease: cartridge bearings
    - Ring Drive: Ring Grease
    - Phil's Oil: threaded part of nipple
    - lube: if bike has derialleur, Tri-Flow on the pivots

    what did i leave out? what should i change? where else can i use Phil's Oil, besides a chain in sloppy weather? i somehow acquired 3 bottles of that stuff this summer.

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    the Inbred...looks good....i've been using Phil's for just about everything....brake boss shafts, stem bolts on all stems...even Thomsons, seatpost bolts...

    one to add would be anti-seize on ANY bottom bracket cup and bottom bracket shell.

    some might say it's overkill but even the most expensive greases can't stay put for longer than 6 months under heavy riders (those in the 160 + range).

    and if you grease any spindle, of any brand or type....make sure it's a very....very....very......tiny.....miniscule amount.

    i recently saw a shop person slather an Octalink spindle, with grease, like it was icing on a cake. no need for that much.
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